Market Garden

We run our market garden using organic, bio-intensive, low-till principles. We feed our soil with biochar, home-made compost, and compost teas. The result is nutrient dense, vibrant food which tastes amazing and delivers a health - giving boost.

All of our products are packaged in reusable containers or home-compostable packaging. If you don't have your own compost you can return it to us, and we will compost it for you. 

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Where to get our produce

Our produce is available from around Spring equinox (September 21st) to Autumn equinox (March 21st) with a one week break scheduled around summer solstice (21st December). You can get it from the following places:

  • Our online shop on the Open Food Network. Orders close on Tuesday night at midnight for a Thursday delivery. For customers in Luggate, Albert Town, and Wanaka the farm to door delivery fee is $5 per order. We are working on establishing a drop-off/pick-up location in Luggate and Wanaka with a lower delivery fee - stay posted.

  • We have a range of subscription order products - so you don't have to remember to order each week. Find out more about subscription ordering below.

  • We supply salad mixes and stir-fry mixes to our favourite local stores:

    • Soul Food Organic Queenstown​

    • Freshlink

    • Organic Wholefoods

Subscription Ordering


We have developed a range of regular product lines to enable you to order your favourites things on weekly or fortnightly repeat order. We have 2 seasons to our subscription ordering:

 Spring: Sept 27th to Dec 23rd (13 deliveries) sign up by Sept 13th

Summer: Jan 3rd to 31st March (13 deliveries). Signup by Dec 20th

This year, we are offering the following subscription products:

- Greens box $15

- Veggie box Sml ($40)

- Veggie box Lge ($70)

- Greenhouse booster ($30) available during the summer subscription season.

- bunched carrots

- seasonal salad mix

- stir-fry mix

- lettuce mix 

see below for more details...

To arrange a subscription order here's what you do:

First, set up an account on the Open Food Network. Go to our shop and add products labelled 'subscription' to your order. When you checkout select 'subscription order' as your delivery option. You can pay by credit card or you can set up a recurring automatic payment from your bank account to ours, or you can pay upfront for the subscription season. We'll contact you to arrange this once you place your order.


The great thing about subscription ordering is you don't have to remember to order and make payments each week. Your favourite veggies just turn up at your door or at our pick up depo,  You are always welcome to make additional (non-subscription) purchases from our shop and these will be included in your delivery. 

Subscription Products


Veggie Box

No picture available yet - sorry.

Sml $40  Lge $70

A selection of 6-12 seasonal veggies from our garden, and greenhouse crops from our growing partners (Adrienne, Tom and Emma). You can select up to 3 items you do not wish to receive from our product list.  The veggie box does not include salads as they can be ordered separately by adding a subscription salad mix, or the subscription greens box to your order. 


Greens Box

The greens box is a packaging-free option. You can choose to get a mix of cooking greens and salads, or salads only, or cooking greens only. 

This bundle of green goodness is delivered in a reusable container, which you clean and return to us on the next delivery day. A $24 investment is required to buy the 2 boxes which you swap out each week.  


Seasonal Salad Mix

Selected to give you maximum diversity of greens (and purples) of the season. Contains kales, lettuces, spinach, corn salad, chois, rocket, mizuna, pea tendrils, minutina and more. This mix is for those wanting maximum diversity, flavour and health benefits from their raw greens. All greens mixes are packaged in sealed  home-compostable bags from econic.


Stir Fry Mix

A mix of sturdy greens for throwing in at the end of cooking, juicing or blitzing in a smoothie. Perfect for miso bowls, curries, poke bowls. braising, light steaming or stir-frying. All greens mixes are packaged in sealed  home-compostable bags from econic.


Lettuce Mix

A luscious lettuce based mix with a few micro-greens for decoration. Perfect for children or those who don't like spicy greens. All greens mixes are packaged in sealed  home-compostable bags from econic.


Greenhouse Booster

A $30 booster pack of greenhouse goodies during the peak of the growing season (summer subscription season only). Includes tomatoes, basil, cucumber, eggplant, capsicum, chilli peppers.



Carrots are a year round staple in our kitchen. We love 'em and we look forward to offering you a diverse selection of our favourite carrots this season.