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Our Dream

regenerative livelihoods; happy healthy people having fun

Frog Song Farm was previously a sheep farm, cleared of most of its forest cover, burnt and grazed for decades. When we arrived in 2017 it was stripped back and barren with only a few stands of hardy native scrub remaining.

Our dream is one of regeneration and revegetation. For years we have studied and explored natural farming, permaculture, terraquaculture and traditional farming of the Asia Pacific and we are convinced that the farming systems of Aotearoa need to undergo a paradigm shift. From farming dehydrated grassed landscapes to farming diverse polycultures in hydrated, treed landscapes. From industrial farming to artisan farming. Growing better not bigger.

We see our market garden as a stepping stone on this journey, Village Nuts, is also part of this journey and over time we hope to harvest most of our nuts from our own farm.

We are currently in the process of developing our orchards and food forests and setting up our farm systems. 

We have already witnessed a massive shift in the hydration levels within the land, with wetland grasses and mosses emerging in places which were previously dry and barren.

In time we envision our place becoming a living example of a small 8 ha block producing year round income and abundant food for our family and our community. And all of this within the framework of abundance, synergy, and enjoyment. 

As we emerge from this phase of intensive development we look forward to welcoming more people to the land, as WWOOFers, interns, guests and visitors. Because, ultimately, it's all about the people and creating great things together.

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About Us: About

Our Team

Frog Song Farm is our family project. Every day we work together to unravel our dream.


Lisa Johnston

Chief Gardener, Tree Care, Cook, Communicator, & Strategic Boss Lady


Greg Inwood

Infrastructure & Hardware, Reforestation, Tree Care, Customer Relations, and Delivery Dude.


Awa Inwood

Quality Control Officer (Taste Tester), Chestnut Peeler, Bag Stamper, Sales, Garden Assistant, & Play Instigator


Barry Johnston

Tree Planter, Irrigation, & Super Granddad & Dad.


Debbie Johnston

Super Grandma & Mum. Team support.

Haikai Tane

Mapping, Ecological Auditing, Land Use Planning, & Story Teller.

About Us: Team Members

We offer a residential internship programme from October - April each year. As well as learning and  practicing the skills, techniques and mindsets required to run a successful small organic market garden, our interns have the opportunity to set additional learning, personal growth or entrepreneurial goals, which they work towards in a close mentoring relationship. Find out more here.


Monique MacFarlane 2021

Special Interests: Biodynamics, gardening by the moon, & embodiment. Monique offers unique learning opportunities through her project:  Natural Wisdom...


Brooke Wilkinson 2022

Special Interests: Market gardening, soil health, wild plants & tree care.


Stephanie Maddock 2023  

Special Interests: Market gardening. edible flowers and garnishes. 


Logan Habraken 2024  

Special Interests:Market gardening, sound healing, health and well being

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