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Residential Internship

Each year from the beginning of October to the end of March we host a residential intern on the farm.  Our intern commits to an agreed amount of hours per week working in the market gardening team. They learn and practice, the skills, techniques, and mindsets required to run a successful small market garden business. In exchange, they receive, a modest living stipend, accommodation in our self contained tiny house (including power, gas and firewood), organic garden foods, access to our library, training and mentorship. They also learn and practice the essential suite of skills for off-grid living. We work with our interns to identify their special interests, set learning goals and actions and schedule in a monthly check-in to ensure they stay on track. Our aim is to support our interns to develop while enjoying their consistent support and mahi in the market garden. There are also opportunities to develop additional income streams if required either through entrepenurial "side hustles", or by contracting out to other local employers. We can discuss this with potential interns as required.

If you would like to apply for our next internship intake, please contact us to express your interest now.

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