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Frog Song Farm is our family farm just 5 minutes out of Luggate near the alpine lake township of Wanaka. Nestled into a moist wetland sequence on an elevated river terrace above the main highway.


The frog pond is at the heart of the farm and the evenings resonate with the sound of the frogs chorus; reminding us, that we share this land with a complex community of living beings.

At Frog Song Farm we love to grow and eat fresh, diverse, organic produce daily. It is our pleasure to share our abundance with you through our market garden.

If you'd like to stay in the loop about where, when and how you can get hold of our garden produce, just drop us a quick note, and we'll be in touch through our newsletter. Or find out more about the market garden here.


About Us

Our market garden at Frog Song Farm is the most recent manifestation of our dream to create regenerative livelihoods which work in synergy with nature's abundance. We have a great team supporting us to realise this dream.


Our Work

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Market Garden

We run our market garden using organic bio-intensive principles, specialising in a diverse selection of greens (and purples), beans, peas and carrots.


Village Nuts

Sine 2013 we have been harvesting and processing local nuts, and selling them from our portable roasting cart at markets, street corners and events in the Wanaka & Queestown region.



Lisa has been offering a range of organic orchard care services for homes and lifestyle blocks in the Wanaka region since 2012.


Compost Toilets

In response to the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010/2011 we have been working to empower people to safely and responsibly manage their own humanure.


Greg's Workshop

From farm gates to composting toilets and outhouses - there's always something on the go in Greg's Workshop.


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